Welcome to Las Colinas Hospitality Management LLC.


Why Las Colinas Hospitality Management LLC.?

Investors and hoteliers realize that there are many larger hotel development and management companies available for them to choose. However, they choose us. Why you ask?

Our Size: We are by no means a behemoth but we are large enough to qualify for pricing comparisons between multiple properties and purchasing programs that increase our investor ROI. We want to be involved in the development and growth of all our assets. So we only grow in such a manner that we can always provide that for our clients.

Diverse portfolio: We manage properties across almost all brands. This is a strategic advantage for us in that it allows us to know each system and its unique properties. It also allows usto guide new hoteliers to a seamless transition. We want to help client from all brands unlike our some of our competitors.

Owner Operated: Unlike companies that specialize in 3rd party management only, we are developers, hoteliers, owners and operators. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We understand your business needs. We operate hotels to be profitable at every step of the way.

The Team: Every member of our team has grown through the ranks. We have all started at the ground level and worked our way up over the years. We understand the dedication needed to succeed in this industry and use that knowledge to generate profitable hotels for our investors.

Social Responsibility: From volunteering at local food banks to support youth activities in the local communities, LC Management executives and staff at engaged at all levels with the surrounding communities and make a conscious effort to implement environmentally safe policies throughout our hotels.

Our Team


Bharat Patel

Chairman & Founder

A civil engineer by profession, Bharat started his career with G.K.T consulting Engineering in San Francisco, CA in the early 1980’s.

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Nitin Tiwari


With over 20 years of industry experience and a M.B.A from the University of Sydney, Australia, Nitin has served in various capacities.

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Nandini began her hotel career over 20 years ago at the Holiday Inn Express Plano as a guest service manager and then a General Manager.

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Amisha Patel

VP of Revenue Management

Amisha is a graduate of University of Texas Arlington. After pursuing a career as an SAP analyst with Accenture Inc.

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Tanmay Patel (CHO)

VP of Operations

Tanmay is based in Dallas and is in charge of operations for all our properties located in Texas, Midwest area .

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Amir Patel

Accounting Manager

As the Accounting Manager for Las Colinas Hospitality Management LLC Amir oversees all financial aspects of our company.

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