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Our hands-on hospitality management style is best exemplified through the active involvement from our Directors of Operations and corporate staff with each of our hospitality assets. Las Colinas Management Hospitality property is intently managed and receives continuous support and involvement from our senior level and corporate staff. This includes ongoing operational reviews conducted with the property management staff using industry benchmarks, LCMH in-depth hotel industry experience, and hospitality brand standards as our guides.

  • » Operation Management

  • » Human Resource

  • » Financial Management

Operation Management

LCMH daily hotel operational expertise centers on providing high quality products and superior customer service to all our hotel guests. It is our ongoing goal to drive high standards of service and offer guests at our hotels superior quality and value. LCM Hospitality Company does hands-on style of management and corporate support team allows your hotel property staff to be highly efficient and productive.
Our operational services include:

  • » Turnkey Project Management
  • » Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • » Internal Audit Functions
  • » Guest and Employee Safety Programs
  • » Franchise Compliance Security
  • » Proven Housekeeping Systems
  • » Property, Corporate and Franchise Training
  • » Property Inspections
  • » Cost Containment Programs

Human Resource

All LCM Hospitality sales and marketing initiatives are evaluated from a return on investment perspective. We use technology to track the return for our most important investment, our sales department. Through regular property visits, our Company corporate sales professionals provide training and education to maximize inside and outside hospitality sales department bookings. Our hospitality sales & marketing services include:

  • » Employee Verification
  • » Training and Career Development Support
  • » Payroll Processing

  • » W-2 Processing
  • » ES-CARE, our signature community integration

Financial Management

  • » Centralized Accounting
  • » Detailed Financial
  • » Annual Budgeting
  • » Payroll Services
  • » Internal Audit
  • » Daily & Weekly Reporting
  • » Centralized Purchasing
  • » Comprehensive Insurance Administration
  • » Dedicated IT


LCM Hospitality Companies is a leader in hotel development with a detailed understanding and successful track record for developing award-winning, premium branded and independent hospitality assets. From the construction of new hotels and restaurants, to the re-conception and renovation of existing properties, we determined to maximize return and enhance the value of your hospitality asset. We offer a thorough blend of hotel development services including customized programs based on your specific needs. Our services include:

  • » Turn-key Hotel Development & Project Management
  • » Hotel Brand Selection, Plan Review & Concept Development
  • » Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • » Installing FF&E
  • » Hotel Property Acquisition
  • » Coordination of Licenses, Permits & Code Compliance
  • » Hotel Construction Services
  • » In-house Development
  • » Hotel Renovation Services



Human Resource:-Las Colinas Management Hospitality Company we recognize the importance human resources plays in the hospitality business. We meet the challenge of finding and retaining the best associates by offering our hospitality employees a team orientated work environment, ongoing hospitality education and hospitality industry training, to help minimize turnover and maximize employee retention. We believe in investing in the hospitality professional development of our employees by offering corporate educational opportunities, hospitality career advancement and a positive work environment. This approach results in higher guest satisfaction and overall profitability for your hospitality investment.